About Us

Since 1933, Payson & Stoughton has been a family-owned jewelry store serving the greater Plattsburgh community. Now more than 75 years old, it is the most established and most trusted store of its kind in the area. Its reputation as a diamond specialist is well known and customers can feel comfortable in knowing their diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and AGS Laboratories. The latter sets the highest standard for diamond grading.

Unlike online jewelry stores, Payson & Stoughton is a longstanding member of the community and sells only quality diamonds.

“Diamonds are a very personal gift that are best purchased in person so the unique character, color, carat and clarity of each can be observed beforehand.”

“No two diamonds are alike and our diamonds are full of life with sparkle and beauty beyond comparison.”

To view a sample of our jewelry, click here. To see a larger selection, please visit our store.

In addition to selling quality diamonds, Payson & Stoughton does all their jewelry (custom work and repair) and watch work on premises.